Artist Statement

“The thing you need is often nearby.”   James Joyce


I am in the construction business. Constructing. Reconstructing. Deconstructing.

I work with materials readily available, redeeming things that have been scrapped, overlooked, ditched, abandoned, repudiated, run over, forsaken.

I often frame space first, housing the shapes, colors, textures and planes that have been organizing principles since I was a boy planning to be an architect.

   I draw (literally) on dreams I have of the mid-century-modern house I grew up in with large windows open to the Connecticut woods that were my playground.

   I am deliberate with compositions, playing chess with the elements at hand.

But I have no fear of mistakes, missteps, mishaps or out-and-out calamities.  I repaint rooms. I move the furniture around. I replace it.